2 Sides of   Art
There is people who is paid by the national lowest wage to be surround by art from month to month, there is people paid millions to own a piece of art but never look at it, there is a girl waiting to get inspiration, there is a girl opens up her eyes seeing the unknown, and there is an artist under the spotlight, and an artist finding herself in her backyard. 
Center: A security guard of Art -Whitney Museum of Art
Left: A girl is sitting on the steps and waiting for inspiration -The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Right: A girl is sitting on the ground and staring at a piece of art -The Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Left: A kindergarten teacher pointing at art behind glass for kids - The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Right: A guide lady pointing a visitor to entrance to art -Whitney Museum of Art
Left: what's inside the plastic -Whitney Museum of Art
Right: what's inside the plastic -East Village street, New York
Left: A famous designer, Tom Dixon is busy in an interview when releasing his new product line -Bleecker St Theatre Basement New York
Right: An empty gallery nobody visits at the moment
Left: A gallery is part of the garage -Splatterpool art space
Right: A shipping container is part of a gallery -Whitney Museum of Art
Left: A sculptor, Carole Feuerman, holding her newly released art -Jim Kempner art gallery
Right: An artist, Ou Zhang working on her piece of art -her home
Photographs in New York 2012
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